Dino Hunting Free Wild Jungle Sniper Safari the best dinosaur hunting game, explore this Jurassic rain forest and hunt down the scary dinosaurs All the dinosaurs have spread out in this rain forest! Experience the thrill of being an actual Dinosaur Hunter in best dinosaur shooting game and Jeep Driver in the Mountains in dinosaur hunting games: dinosaur new games. Dinosaur hunting is real thrill and fun if you shoot and crush dino with Jeep. Dinosaurs like brontosaurus had ruled the land in the prehistoric period thousand years before.

Gun down the prehistoric targets with head shots for bigger rewards and massive gun upgrades in this best dinosaur shooting game! Remember to watch out for the flying Dino in best dinosaur shooting game the air by using the Camera View.
Dinosaurs like brontosaurus had ruled the land in the prehistoric period thousand years before.
Dino Hunting Free is best dinosaur shooting game with ancient to modern weapons and First Person Shooter to Third Person Shooter and Jeep Driver in beautiful world with green plants. Feel Realistic world dinosaur hunter in this dinosaurs games.

So don’t hold back, grip your Launcher tightly, take a perfect aim, test your sniper shooter skills as a real dinosaurs hunter expert and don’t let them escape. Experience grand sniper shooting in the real jungle wilderness environment as a real hero and win this hunting challenge in this best dinosaur shooting game

Thrilling and adventurous dino hunting missions has been designed so that you could feel real dinosaur hunting adventure while hunting. Different kinds of shooting guns e.g. sniper, pistol are available in this hunting game you have to select any gun according to your choice and start hunting the dino. In each coming level number of dinosaurs will be more than the previous one so you have to all the sino in the given time to complete each level successfully.


Right side buttons are for shoot, zoom, swap and run
Left side button are for movement and whole screen is for aiming,
In map you can find dinosaur and chase them to hunt.
Press Jeep button and get in Jeep driving mode.

If you love playing animal shooting and Dino hunting games then dinosaur hunter free is for you as it gives you a chance of Dino hunting and hunting wild creatures in grand exotic forest environment and will let you become the dinosaur hunting pro hero of 2018. Your trust on assault rifle skills will come handy while your hunt. Dinosaur Hunter Free gives you an amazing experience with real graphics, engaging sound effect, the best Dino hunting ground and driving red jeep and crushing Dino.

Many hunters take it as their hobby they love to hunt the different animals in the jungle. This dino hunting game is especially developed for those dinosaur hunters who love to hunt. Here is a big chance for them to learn wild animals killing and dino hunting.

Game Features:
• Superhero and Flash-man, Commando and Good Dino are ready to support you.
• Actual thrill of Dino chases and deadly Dino attack
• Amazing graphics and prehistoric environments
• Multiple thrilling levels with different number of dinosaurs.
• Awesome game play with attacking animations.
• Choose Dinosaur of your choice for hunting from more than 20 dinosaurs.
• Easy and Smooth First person shooter guns and Jeep driving physics included.

Dino Hunting Free

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