Ninjas fighting against the real fighters! King fights have been started in this 3d fighting games play. This real kung fu: fighting games free is basically comes under the kung fu games category with real ninja fighting against the strongest heroes of fights. Ninja when start their fight they start it with their hidden moves which they get during the fighting practice in starting game level. When you are having this ninja fighting arts: kung fu games you don’t even need a kung fu master all you have to do is start a fight against the fastest extreme fighter. The ninja fighting games play with set free all your ninja skills inside you! Now is the time for you to learn all street kung fu arts. Intuitive moves, actions fights and realistic sounds will give you get chills.


This 3d fighting game play is the world of where you learn and fight against the opponent in real fights. Ninjas fighting next to the kung fighters and waiting for you to the fight. This kung fu real fight: free fighting games is basically a kung fu games play with real ninja fighting and learning to make you ninja games. Once you become the kung fu master you can chose any strongest fighter and start over your fight on the roofs or streets. Ninja fighting games unleash the hidden in you by getting you in the ninja games and other extreme fights. What make you a strongest fight doer in this ninja action fights: free fight games is that if you learn all the street kung fu moves or just getting up.


Learn the street kung fu! Get into the extreme fights! Begin your own ninja games. Many things to explore set this kung fu real ninja: ninja fight games among the ninja fighting games. You don’t need a proper kungfu master to be the real ninja all you have to do is practice of ninja fighting. As this kung fu actions: 3d fighting games is on the whole a kungfu games category so you can have many big fights and other real fights. Ninja fighting may set free all the hidden powers you had never witness before in you. Get now in this 3d fighting games play and explore the hidden world fight at your best apply all your and learning. Intuitive controls, sharp real sounds and best fighting game play is all you have to start an endless fight.

Game Features:
• Adrenaline filled fights
• Realistic kung fu sounds
• fighting moves
• Lifelike kung fu
• Detailed fighting environment
• Stunning 3d graphics
• Free and offline kung fu game play

Have fun playing this exciting real kung fu: fighting games free offered by ZE Games Studio. This kung fu game is not only a free game but is also an offline game. Fun is locked in the install button

Extreme Fight Street Revenge

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